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What is Maxicaster

Maxicaster is commercially tested in many markets and a fully hosted and operated end-to-end IPTV and Multiscreen solution. Maxicaster IPTV can be up and running in even 6 weeks.

Maxicaster solution incorporates:

The solution supports multiple operational models including hybrid (cloud based back end with local streaming infrastructure), cloud based (complete service delivered from the cloud) and local deployment (all infrastructure delivered in a customer environment). In this way the solution is able to adapt to the local conditions as required by the customer. Regardless of the model the solution offers the benefits of rapid time to market, optimized operations and service agility without compromising on security, Quality of Service or service autonomy.

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Maxicaster solution comprises four parts:

 Maxicaster Back-end (fully operated)

 Maxicaster Content Hub or Local Head-end

 Maxicaster Media Live Server & VoD/nDVR Server

 Maxicaster Advanced Multiscreen User Interface

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How can it be deployed

MAXICASTER is a complete Online IPTV and Multiscreen solution powering the video services of Service Providers, Broadcasters and Content Owners around the world. The solution has been designed on a principal of flexibility and can be leveraged in numerous ways, including

As a complete IPTV and OTT managed service

As a multiscreen overlay solution to an existing PayTV system or OTT complement fo broadcast/media company

As a stand-alone service modules to deliver enhanced, complementary services such as nDVR

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Why Maxicaster



Truly end-to-end

Solution includes all elements required to launch & sustain a service


Feature rich

Includes an advanced set of features all focused on enhancing the consumer experience and/or revenue generation

Optimised design combining core functionality (VoD + nDVR, Live + CDN)




Fully managed & operated

Ability to both manage and operate the service significantly simplifying and removing the resource/operational burden


Service provider mentality

Solution developed by a Service Provider based on real user needs

Allows us to impart practical market experience, particularly around monetisation


About us

Maxicaster Oy is part of Maxisat-Group, a Finnish-based, family-owned company. We have over 30 years heritage in TV related businesses, including operating online IPTV services in Finland since 2004 under our consumer brand, MAXIVISION

MAXICASTER was established in 2014 with a prime objective of facilitating introduction and sustainability of advanced video solutions to Service Providers around the world.


The team

For sales and partnering enquiries, please contact


Andrew brown

Andrew Brown

Tel. +32 475 960 270

Jari-Pekka Hela-Aro

Jari-Pekka Hela-Aro

Tel. +358 50 558 9940

Tommi Blom

Tommi Blom

Tel. +358 50 598 6509

Kristoffer Lindqvist

Kristoffer Lindqvist

Tel. +358 50 5986536



Maxicaster Oy, Tekniikantie 12, Innopoli 02150 Espoo, FINLAND


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