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MAXICASTER incorporates a full array of features and functionality off-the-shelf including:

The solution supports multiple operational models including hybrid (cloud based back end with local streaming infrastructure), cloud based (complete service delivered from the cloud) and local deployment (all infrastructure delivered in a customer environment). In this way the solution is able to adapt to the local conditions as required by the customer. Regardless of the model the solution offers the benefits of rapid time to market, optimized operations and service agility without compromising on security, Quality of Service or service autonomy.

VoD and nDVR

The MAXICASTER Media VoD / nDVR server utilises a single server footprint to deliver complete VoD, nDVR and Catch-up functionality. The combined capabilities rank amongst the most feature rich and scalable on the market. The system is built on a software principle and resides on off-the-shelf hardware, offering advanced VoD and recording functionality at a fraction of the standard solution cost.

This is achieved by leveraging non-real time business logic from the MAXICASTER back end and utilising the local Server for anything specific to the Service Provider or their subscribers. This significantly reduces the local server CPU usage and enables superior performance and scaling when compared to traditional stand-alone recording solutions.

Maxicaster media consist of two major components:

MAXICASTER Media back-end hosted environment

  • Contains the business and service logic including the nDVR scheduling and channel management
  • Tools for simple management and offer construction
  • Customizable open API for all peripheral solution components

MAXICASTER Media VoD/nDVR local server housing

  • Used for VoD packaging, Catch-Up TV and nDVR functionality
  • Recorder - input 1 Gbps and output is 9 Gbps of live streams as they are being delivered for Catch-up/Time Shift TV
  • Complete system is 100TB/2RU
  • DRM Key Server for secure stream delivery


MAXICASTER incorporates advanced nDVR functionality which makes available the following functionality:

  • Recording space by hours/time
  • Live TV Start over service (if program has started consumer can start watching from beginning )
  • Pause live TV
  • Record multiple channels in parallel (no limit on number of simultaneous channels recorded)
  • Historic EPG / each channel can have historic EPG which goes back x hours of time (defined by the main or sub-operator) and customer can view any program from the historic EPG
  • Support for single and shared copy
  • Advanced functionality such as Word search for content recording “look-up” and automatic “Catch-up to VoD” taking the service to another level
Live and CDN STB + Multiscreen Content Management and Merchandising Consumer Portal