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MAXICASTER incorporates a full array of features and functionality off-the-shelf including:

The solution supports multiple operational models including hybrid (cloud based back end with local streaming infrastructure), cloud based (complete service delivered from the cloud) and local deployment (all infrastructure delivered in a customer environment). In this way the solution is able to adapt to the local conditions as required by the customer. Regardless of the model the solution offers the benefits of rapid time to market, optimized operations and service agility without compromising on security, Quality of Service or service autonomy.

VoD and nDVR Live and CDN

The MAXICASTER local Live HLS Server handles all streaming, content protection and caching requirements for linear channels. As a further enhancement advanced CDN functionality has been built into the core server design. Leveraging the hosted MAXICASTER back-end for channel management and load balancing and the local server environment for live streaming, packaging and caching, MAXICASTER Media provides state-of-art functionality which is both scalable and feature rich.

As a case-in-point a single off-the-shelf server delivers in excess of 9Gbps output via HLS streaming. Traffic is cached and distributed between MAXICASTER Media servers, automatically re-distributing traffic between sites based on peaks and serving channels from the closest server to the specific request.

As a result, distributing MAXICASTER Media Live Servers across key usage areas with bandwidth between sites will automatically offer all the functionality of a Private CDN. This effectively saves a Service Provider the costs, operations and ongoing management of a separate CDN infrastructure.

This ”two for one” capability results in a business case which is significantly optimised.

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