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MAXICASTER incorporates a full array of features and functionality off-the-shelf including:

The solution supports multiple operational models including hybrid (cloud based back end with local streaming infrastructure), cloud based (complete service delivered from the cloud) and local deployment (all infrastructure delivered in a customer environment). In this way the solution is able to adapt to the local conditions as required by the customer. Regardless of the model the solution offers the benefits of rapid time to market, optimized operations and service agility without compromising on security, Quality of Service or service autonomy.

VoD and nDVR Live and CDN STB + Multiscreen Content Management and Merchandising Consumer Portal

The Consumer Portal provides an intuitive “first point of contact” for subscribers into the service and subscriptions. The self-management portal allows subscribers to subscribe, set, manage, edit and personalize all services available from the Service Provider. This provides both operational savings (less direct-touch required to manage services) as well as a simple up-sell tool for additional services (i.e. “you have subscribed to the basic package + sports but why don’t you take our Premium pack for only 1 euro more”).