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12 May 2019

Finnish National Theatre adopts online video streaming and video archive solution from Maxicaster and Bright Finland

Maxicaster in collaboration with its partner Bright Finland have been awarded a contract by the Finnish National Theatre to deliver an end to end video streaming solution.  It enables Finland’s oldest theater a move into the digital era by being able to offer quality video services both for their internal use and for their partners. New video based information and playlist channels, provide essential information for their employees and allows them to communicate more effectively. Live streaming from performing stages and thee video archive functionality, allows the actors to view rehearsals and performances either in real time or as stored assets. For the theater patrons and the general public, the solution facilitates the live streaming of theater performances as well as third party corporate webcasting events for corporate audiences.

The solution consists of Bright Finland´s video production tools including fully automated HD quality cameras. Cameras are seamlessly integrated to operate with the Maxicaster Online Video Platform, offering advanced functionalities such as live streaming, recording/storage in the cloud, internal info channels and a branded mobile application. Maxicaster OVP is integrated to Maestro content management system to deliver real time EPG and other program information, all centrally controlled by the theater personnel. Content can be viewed with multiple viewing devices – TV´s, PC´s and iOS/Android mobile devices.