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MAXICASTER MOVE provides a single, inclusive solution to consolidate all Passenger Journey services offered onboard as well as at destination. The solution is designed to ensure all services are only ever one click away. The solution incorporates all hardware, software, services, and even video and live TV content to provide passengers with a premium experience across their own devices, cabin/in-seat screens, Digital Signage, Kiosks and Public screens. MAXICASTER MOVE is offered as a technically managed service ensuring crew or staff can focus on their job without needing to worry about service maintenance. This makes the solution ideally suited to meet the current and future needs of Cruise Vessels, Ferries, Airlines, Resorts and Arenas.



  • Modular solution allowing the operator to select the specific services relevant to their business 
  • Ability to offer different services to each on-board screen, customer type and to distinguish between passengers and crew
  • Content Management system allowing content to be easily updated – either in manual mode or automated mode
  • Video system supporting live, VoD, Catch-up and playout channels 
  • Self contained system with all functionality built into the hardware on board
  • Granular level of reporting on all service interactions which can be accessed in real-time either on board, or in head office if external connectivity is available 
  • APIs into all major maritime and aviation systems including Resco, MXP, Fidello
  • Optimised to scale for all vessel types from Yachts, Ferries, Ocean Liners and Aircraft 
  • Can be extended to the complete management of the on-board Broadcast environment including TVRO maintenance 


MAXICASTER OTT platform meets the needs of Service Providers, Broadcasters, and Content Owners. It is an agile, carrier-grade OTT (and IPTV) solution for end-to-end requirements or as a complement to an existing IPTV solution. Feature-rich platform and minimising the hardware footprint for our customers. The solution has been refined over the last 10 years of operation.

The solution can be deployed as an end-to-end IPTV and OTT platform for open and closed environments, or as a complement to an existing video solution. Either way, we handle the technical complexity while still ensuring the power remains in your hands.



  • Complete support for linear (live TV) and VOD supporting IPTV and OTT delivery
  • Advanced nDVR, Catch-up and Start Over TV functionality
  • Content management and campaign management engine
  • Fully hosted content security (DRM) including players per device type
  • Intuitive and customizable User Interface across screens (app & web-based)
  • EPG engine including technical and content management 
  • Dedicated Streaming Appliances, VoD appliances and MAXICASTER MBR Transcoder to be leveraged as part of a complete OTT solution or as stand-alone services 
  • Private CDN functionality 


MAXICASTER VIDEOCLOUD is an agile platform supporting streaming at scale. The solution is offered on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) basis allowing companies to easily leverage the capability for a single right through to an ongoing video streaming service. The solution is equipped to handle all aspects of the content lifecycle including encoding, transcoding, content protection, payment integration, streaming, and storage.

The solution incorporates various front-end options ranging from a consumer-centric live and VoD offering through to a Corporate-centric webcasting platform including synchronized speaker and presentation and moderated chat.



  • Intuitive management GUI to create, manage and launch services within minutes 
  • The only requirement is the content source making it an ideal solution for any company with access to content 
  • Specific front end experiences catering for both mass consumer market services (such as concerts) right through to Corporates (offering webcasting)
  • Incorporates streaming, Catch-up and auto-VoD making it an ideal “one-stop-shop”