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MAXICASTER MOVE is bringing the video experience to the viewers own devices coupled with on board in-venue screens so the video experience is now available wherever and whenever. The MAXICASTER MOVE solution incorporates all hardware, software, system integration services and even premium content to launch a future proof service on cruise ships, airplanes, stadiums and arenas via the on board WiFi system. To alleviate technical headaches, MAXICASTER MOVE is technically managed and operated allowing you to focus on your core business.



  • Incorporating all aspects required to launch and manage a next generation video experience
  • Leverages all screen types including the passenger / guests own devices
  • Focus on monetisation of video with premium content across screen types (cruise ships and planes)
  • Works with any in-venue Wifi… no need for Internet!
  • Up and running within weeks


The MAXICASTER platform meets the needs of Service Providers, Broadcasters and Content Owners. It is agile, carrier-grade OTT (and IPTV) solution for end-to-end requirements or as a complement to an existing IPTV solution. Feature rich platform and minimising the hardware footprint for our customers. The solution has been refined over the last 10 years of operation.



  • Covering live, VoD, Catch-up, Start-over and nDVR including advanced business rules across all content types
  • Centralized back-end including complete Content Management, merchandising, EPG, device and subscriber management complemented with optimised streaming servers which incorporate streaming, storage, DRM and Private CDN
  • Applications covering all major device types
  • Technical service management across the content chain and full stream management
  • Intuitive tools for subscriber management, campaign creation and customer care
  • Analytics and reporting covering all elements of the viewing experience
  • Ease of integration via the MAXICASTER Open API experience
  • Deployable within weeks…


Full management, preparation and distribution of all your video content. Leveraging MAXICASTER’s cloud-based back-end the MAXICASTER OVP solution simplifies the management of content by automating key processes whilst allowing flexibility to manage your content in the way you want. Ideally suited for content owners and aggregators the solution unlocks the possibilities to distribute content across regions.



  • Completely cloud-based environment which can be leveraged without worrying about hardware
  • Intuitive management GUI to define business and service rules
  • Automation of key processes to minimise the need for manual intervention
  • Full transcoding capabilities to ensure the content reaches the right screen with an optimised viewing experience
  • Storage capacity to cater for even the largest of video libraries

MAXICASTER Mobile Applications

An optimal entertainment experience starts and finishes with the User Interface. MAXICASTER Mobile Applications have been designed to ensure end users are only ever a touch or swipe away from their desired content. Offering feature parity across iOS, Android and web, the MAXICASTER Applications can simply integrate into any back-end environment.



  • Off-the-shelf reference applications
  • Highly intuitive and offering advanced functionality
  • Ability to work with any video back-end system screen
  • Available across iOS, Android and web with the ability to extend to STB and Connected TVs