Onboard Entertainment: the New Frontier for Ship Management Companies

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Razan Samandar

05 Sep 2023

Managing a fleet of any size is a masterclass in logistics so adding another service to the mix is not ideal. As a result, onboard entertainment services can often be relegated to a “best effort” approach. 

 But this doesn’t need to be the case. 

 The option of “onboard entertainment as a managed service” allows Ship Management companies to offer a premium entertainment service experience without needing to add yet another task to the table of the on-board crew. 

Importantly, this approach is equally applicable in RF-only environments as well as full IP networks. This significantly reduces the historic cost barriers which required a full network upgrade to launch. 

This approach positions onboard entertainment experience as an area of differentiation for Ship Management Companies without the associated workload. 

What does this mean in practice? 

The technical managed service includes everything required to launch and manage a premium video experience to passengers and crew: hardware, licenses, services and even premium movies movies/series/TV channels. The service can be delivered to cabins and common screens as well as mobile devices to provide a customisable service anywhere on board the vessel. 

 What can be offered?  

A great launch pack can include services such as: 

  • Live TV (either via satellite or server) 
  • Video on Demand including a premium catalogue of titles (Netflix-like experience) 
  • Catch-up TV (watching programs which have already aired) 
  • Playout channels (creating curated channels) 
  • Safety video (mandatory viewing for passengers onboarding) 
  • Information (keeping passengers informed of the daily activities on board) 
  • Ship Tracker (map view & route with key information available throughout) 

Want to know more? 

Read about Salen Ship Management’s recent experience and get in touch to find out more…  

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