Smooth Sailing: Onboard Entertainment as a Service

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Razan Samandar

10 Oct 2023

Whether it is the “trip of a lifetime” or a planned, annual adventure, passengers expect a premium experience when they embark on their onboard journey. The entertainment package on-board is one of the most visual aspects of the cruise experience so plays a major role in influencing their overall satisfaction.  

The challenge is that delivering seamless Live TV, VoD, Playout channels, ship tracker and associated services involves a number of moving parts – from the onboard connectivity, IPTV system, ongoing management of the system through to the channels, movies and series… and this responsibility typically rests largely on the shoulders of the onboard crew.  

As a result, many operators either overspend or compromise on the quality of service offered… but this doesn’t need to be the case.  

The MAXICASTER “Onboard Entertainment as a Service” proposition is specifically designed to address these traditional challenges while ensuring a premium, evolving service capability across any onboard screen. The service incorporates all aspects including the hardware, software, ongoing technical management and even content to simplify the approach to launching and managing a premium onboard entertainment offering. 

The operator can select from various service modules allowing them to customize, and evolve the service proposition in line with changing passenger expectations. So, operators can select a launch pack from services such as Live TV, Playout channels, VoD, ship tracker, Catch-up TV and then evolve the service in line with changing passenger, seasonal or route requirements. The solution works seamlessly across both DOCSIS (IP) networks as well as Radio Frequency (RF) networks and the commercial model is heavily weighted towards an “all-in” monthly fee providing budget certainty throughout. 

Key advantages of Onboard Entertainment as a service: 

1.     End-to-End Solution: the solution includes all the elements required to launch and manage a premium service.  

2.     Simplified Operations: removes the complexity and number of "moving parts" required to offer a differentiated service experience.  

3.     Premium passenger experience: the benefits associated do not come with a compromised service. The solution is designed to ensure a premium, uninterrupted service experience across any device onboard  

4.     Cost- Effective: by outsourcing entertainment services, operators avoid the high capital expenditures associated with purchasing and maintain complex onboard entertainment software/systems.  

5.     Evolution path: operators can start small and select additional modules whenever required ensuring the service remains up-to-date with evolving passenger expectations 

6.     Technical Managed Service: In the case of any issues or technical difficulties, the Maxicaster team of experts is on hand and ready to assist. 

The result is a highly flexible option for operators which moves onboard entertainment from complexity to simplicity.  

So, settle back and enjoy the ride… want to know more… let’s have a chat … 

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